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Working to Preserve The Hobby Into The 21st Century And Beyond!

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November 27th 2002 - I'm baaa-aaack... time for some updatin'! - Alex

If you have any pictures of your own cars that you would like submit we would gladly put them up on the page. Please put your Name, Make IE:Volkswagen, Model IE:Beetle and year of car: IE: 1957 And anything else you would like us to put with the picture. Go to the bottom for the email address.

Any pics that I personally took will be marked with an asterisk ( * ) I've worked long and hard on this page, so I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I did creating it.
Alex Harris

Car Nuts have motored into this site.

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This Page Was Designed & Created by Alexander Harris

Comments?, suggestions?.. think I won't be interested?

Go ahead... try me

We welcome pictures of your classic car, however try to keep the car unobstructed, and please include year, make and model!

This page would not have been possible or near as good as it is without the much welcomed assistance of the following people.

My Dad, Rick; For getting me hooked on old cars.

And to my Mom, Yvonne; for tolerating us.

Shane Holock ; For donating space for the first site that otherwise would have been unobtainable & for turning me on to this Internet thingy to begin with, and for helping me with a few fixes.

To Brian Lee; for correcting a few mislabeled cars (OOOPS!)

Legal Notice: All logos & names are copyrighted by their respective owners.. the pictures marked with an asterisk ( * ) however. Are MINE ALL MINE!.. GARFIELD©United Feature Syndicate, Inc. yadda yadda yadda.. now get out of here, lawyer boy..

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